TUSDStats is currently unavailable

Updated April 15, 2015

TUSDStats is currently not available. This includes the Parental Access and Tax Credit contribution pages.

We will restore TUSDStats functionality in phases
Below is the schedule for restoring functionality for TUSDStats:

  • Thursday, April 16
    • Central and school office staff and teachers will be able to access TUSDStats inside the TUSD network. Access from outside of the district network will not be available at this time. (It will not be available from the Internet.)
    • Parents can contact their schools, and the office staff will be able to provide grade and attendance information either over the phone or by email.
    • Tax Credit Eligible Contribution will continue to be processed at the campus.
  • Tuesday, April 21
    • The TUSDStats Parent Portal and Tax Credit Eligible Contribution processing will be available through the Internet and inside TUSD's network.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, and we will continue to update with new ETA's for restored service as they become available.

Thank you!