Assessment Data
  • Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (Criterion-referenced)
  • State-mandated test of Reading, Writing, and Math
  • Currently given to grades 3-8 (AIMS DPA), and 10-12 (AIMS)
  • Performance is reported as "Falls Far Below", "Approaches", "Meets", and "Exceeds"
  • Both Meets and Exceeds are considered to be Passing or Mastering
Stanford 10
  • State-mandated assessment that tests students on Reading, Language, and Math
  • Norm-referenced
  • Currently given to grades 2-9 (Replaced Terra Nova in 2009-2010 school year).
  • Performance is reported as as either percentile rank or NCE (Normal Curve Equivalent)
  • "Average" student will be at 50 on both scales
Quarterly Benchmarks
  • Quarterly reading, math, and writing Benchmark scores by school, grade, ethnic groups.
Writing Prompts
  • Suggested monthly. Available by grade level.
  • Quarterly mandated by grade level.
  • Course grades given by teachers
  • Only available for middle & high schools
  • Dynamic Indicators Basic Early Literacy Skills (Criterion-referenced), though norms also available
  • Selected from a list of approved assessments for state mandated testing K-3 in reading development
  • Previously required for Reading First schools only. Starting in 2005-2206, required of all TUSD schools.
  • End-of-Year Performance is reported as "Intensive", "Strategic", and "Benchmark"
Past Tests

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