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AIMS stands for the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards. It is a state mandated assessment for grades 3-8 and 10-12 that tests students on Reading, Writing, Science, and Math (as specified by the Academic K-12 Standards). Performance is reported as "Falls Far Below", "Approaches", "Meets", and "Exceeds". Both Meets and Exceeds are considered to be Passing or Mastering. The AIMS is the main component of the State Accountability Model, AZ LEARNS, and a major component of the Federal AYP model (the accountability piece of No Child Left Behind. Also, 2005-06 (and beyond) seniors will be required to score at least "Meets" on all areas of the AIMS in order to receive a H.S. Diploma.

In grades 3-8, the AIMS test is called the AIMS DPA (Dual Purpose Assessment). The AIMS DPA is a combination of the AIMS test and an abbreviated form of the Stanford 10 test.

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